Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Paigie Paige

My sweet little Paigie Paige turned two, nearly three months ago and I am just getting around to writing this post. Oops!

Paige is such a sweet, yet naughty girl! She loves to give loves, tell us "I la lou", and give kisses. She is SO good at giving kisses. I like to show her all of my owies, just so I can get kisses! Yet, at the same time, she is so dang naughty! She is constantly getiing into things she shouldn't. Climbing on things she shouldn't. (Hello stair banister or refrigerator door!) One day, I was in the shower and Addi was "in charge" of watching her sister. Addi comes screaming into the bathroom, hysterical, telling me that her sister is on the counter. I kindly asked her to get Paige off of the counter. Addi tells me all frantic like "Mom! She's throwing knives at me!" Sure enough, I run out of the shower, soap all over my body, shaving cream on my legs,  to Paige on the counter. She was throwing paring knives at Addi as though Addi were a dart board. My life would be so boring without Paige! She definitely keeps me on my toes.

Paige is completely different than Addi. Which throws me for a loop sometimes. In some areas where Addi is so curious and wanting to know all about everything, Paige could care less. But in other things, Paige wants to know it all, or be included in whatever is going on, and Addi could care less.

Paige loves her sister. She lives and dies by Addi. She wants to do almost everything Addi is doing. Paige wants to go on the bus with Addi, nearly every day. I think she thinks that all Addi does is ride the bus all day. Paige loves getting her hair done, her nails painted, taking warm tubbies. And she loves everything girly. She is so rough and tumble, but so very much girly at the same time. I didn't think we could have a girl that loved pink and princess more than her sister, but I was wrong! Randy and I think Paige is going to ask for her ears pierced WAY before Addi does. She loves earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Pretty much, if it is girly, she wants it!

Paige is talking so well. Sometimes, it blows me away the words that come out of her mouth. She is definitely the kid that I have to watch my language around. She ALWAYS copies the naughty words I say.

I could just go on and on with how much I love this girl. I am so truly happy that we have her!


Deon said...

Oh, this is the sweetest! Paige is a girl after my own pink-loving heart! Happy birthday a few months late, Paige!

Jen, your love for your daughters is so touching. They are very lucky to have you!

Gwyl said...

Happy Birthday little Paigie! What a little sweetheart she is. I sure love you!!!

Jen, your description of Paige almost sounds like her mother at times! (wink wink) ;-)